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Electrical Studies on PVA/PVP Based Polymer Electrolyte Containing Different Concentrations of Au/Ag Nanoparticles
A.A. ALdhabi, A.M. Abdelghany, M.S. Meikhail
 PP. 1 - 15
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ABSTRACT: Prepared PVA/PVP polymer nanocomposite samples by casting method and was doped of Ag NPs and Au NPs, AC electrical possessions of PVA-PVP-Ag/Au NPs films was investigated by AC measurements were obtained by using phase sensitive LCR meter. The AC electrical conductivity, dielectric constant, dielectric loss are increased with the increasing of content of Ag/Au nanoparticles. Behavior AC conductivity of all samples was investigated over the frequency range 50 Hz–5 MHz in the temperature range 303–413 K. It propose that the hopping mechanism might be it has a role an important in the conduction process at high frequency. The dielectric properties and AC electrical conductivity are different with increasing of the frequency of practical electrical field. The dielectric constant (ε′) was decreased with increasing the frequency because direction dipoles of applied field electric and at high frequencies, decreasing of permittivity was nearly stable attribute to the dipoles orientation. Value higher of dielectric loss (ε″) was observed at low frequency because the mobile charge within blend PVA/PVP. An increases of loss tangent (tan δ) with increasing in nanoparticles content was expected because conductivity increases with increasing Au NPs/Ag NPs. Decreasing of tan δ with increasing frequency is attributed to the fact that the hopping frequency of carriers charge cannot follow any change of externally applied electric field.