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Table of Content for Vol. 14 No. 1, 2016

Some New Oscillation Criteria for Second Order Advanced Neutral Delay Differential Equations
Elmetwally M. Elabbasy, Osama Moaaz
 PP. 1 - 13
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ABSTRACT: Some new oscillation criteria for the second - order neutral delay differential equation are established. These oscillation criteria extend and improve some known results. An example is considered to illustrate the main results.

Bounds for Uncertainty Principle
Neyaz Ahmad and Ishtaq Ahmad
 PP. 14 - 24
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ABSTRACT: In this paper, we derive the uncertainty principle in terms of the correlation coefficient, we also establish the upper bound for the product of time and frequency spread of a signal s(t). Further, the bounds obtained by Pei Deng, Guain-Tie Deng, Tao Qian [Journal of Functional Analysis 265(2013), 2239-2266] have been sharped for various forms of a signal s(t).

Thermal Stability Analysis of Reactive Hydromagnetic Third-grade Fluid using Homotopy Analysis Method
V. Ananthaswamy, L. Sahaya Amalraj
 PP. 25 - 41
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ABSTRACT: This paper demonstrates the effect of the hydromagnetic flow of a reactive third grade fluid between two parallel plates with convective cooling. The approximate analytical solutions of velocity and temperature fields for the strongly nonlinear boundary value problem are derived by Homotopy analysis method. Our results are compared with the previous work and found to be in good agreement.

Optimal Ordering Policy with Inventory Dependent Demand for Deteriorating Items under Non-decreasing Shortages and Inflation
R.P.Tripathi, Sarla Pareek and Manjit Kaur
 PP. 42 - 53
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ABSTRACT: This paper derives inventory model for deteriorating items with inventory dependent demand. Shortages are considered be linearly time-dependent. We show that the total cost function is convex with respect to time. Mathematical formulation is presented to determine the optimal order quantity, cycle time and the optimal total cost. The results are verified and discussed with the help of numerical example. Sensitivity analysis is provided with variation of key parameters. Mathematica software 5.1 is used for finding the numerical results.

Coding Theorems on Generalized Useful Fuzzy Inaccuracy Measure
Ashiq Hussain Bhat and M. A. K. Baig
 PP. 54 - 62
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ABSTRACT: In this paper we present a new class of generalized useful fuzzy inaccuracy measure. This measure is not only new but some known measures are the particular cases of our proposed measure. We also obtained the bounds for this measure.

Nonlinear Mathematics and General Nonlinear Sciences
Yi-Fang Chang
 PP. 63 - 76
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ABSTRACT: First, in nonlinear mathematics, we research the nonlinear geometry, analyze and algebra. Next, the general nonlinear methods and various nonlinear physics are discussed. Further, we search the general nonlinear sciences, in instance, nonlinear astronomy, biology, Earth science, and social sciences, etc. In particular, we research chaos and fractal and their applications.