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Table of Content for Vol. 13 No. 1, 2015

On Some New Difference Sequence Spaces of Fractional Order
Serkan Demiriz, Osman Duyar
 PP. 1 - 11
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ABSTRACT: Let ∆(α) denote the fractional difference operator. In this paper, we define new difference sequence spaces c0(Γ, ∆(α), u) and c(Γ, ∆(α), u). Also, the β−dual of the spaces c0(Γ, ∆(α), u) and c(Γ, ∆(α), u) are determined and calculated their Schauder basis. Furthermore, we characterize the classes (µ(Γ, ∆(α), u) : λ) for µ ∈ {c0, c} and λ ∈ {c0, c, ℓ, ℓ1} .

Bound for the Zeros of Polynomials
Abdul Liman and Irfan Ahmed Faiq
 PP. 12 - 17
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ABSTRACT: : It was proved by Joyal, Labelle and Rahman [A. Joyal, G. Labelle and Q. I. Rahman, On the location of zeros of polynomials, Canad. Math. J., Bull., 10(1967), 53-63] that if p>1, then all the zeros of P(z)= zn + a(n-1) z(n-1) + … + a1z + a0 are contained in the circle |z| ≤k, where k ≥max(1,|a(n-1) |) is a root of the equation (|z|- |an |)q (|z|q- 1)-Bq=0, p(-1)+ q(-1)=1. In this paper, we not only generalize the above result but a verity of interesting results can be deduced from it.