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Table of Content for Vol. 13 No. 3, 2015

Some Study on Uncertainty Principle
Ishtaq Ahmad and Neyaz Ahmad
 PP. 198 - 209
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ABSTRACT: In the present paper, we introduce a new form of uncertainty principle in terms of moment generating function(m.g.f) and find the upper bound of the product for the time spread σt and frequency spread σω of a signal f(t)∈ L2(R) in terms of the Mathematical expectation and also in case of self-adjoint operators. Further, we find the estimation of frequency at any instant of time and vice-versa.

On Some New Spaces of Invariant Means with Respect to Modulus Function
A. H. Ganie, N. A. Sheikh and T. Jalal
 PP. 210 - 216
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ABSTRACT: The sequence space V(θ) through the concept of invariant means and lacunary sequence space θ= (kr), have recently been introduced by Mursaleen (M. Mursaleen, Some matrix transformation on sequence spaces of invariant means, Hacettepe J. Math. Stat., 38(3)(2009): 259-264))[12], which was further studied by Ganie and Sheikh [4]. In the present paper, our aim is to introduce and study V(f,θ) and V(f,p,θ), where f is a modulus function. We establish some inclusion relations between these spaces.

Structural Properties of Length Biased Nakagami Distribution
Sofi Mudasir, S.P Ahmad
 PP. 217 - 227
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ABSTRACT: In this paper, a new class of length biased Nakagami distribution is introduced. The characterizing and structural properties of the model are derived. The estimate of the scale parameter of length biased Nakagami distribution is obtained by using maximum likelihood method of estimation. Also information measures of a new model are derived and studied.

A Comparative Study of Finite Element Method and Haar Wavelet Collocation Method for the Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations
S. C. Shiralashetti, P. B. Mutalik Desai, A. B. Deshi
 PP. 228 - 250
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ABSTRACT: The numerical solutions of typical nonlinear ordinary differential equations have attracted the attention of scientists and engineers in the fields of Aeronautical Engineering, Fluid dynamics, Heat and mass transfer etc. In recent years application of wavelets has become an established tool for the solution of certain differential equations. The Haar wavelet basis permits to enlarge the class of functions used so far in the collocation framework. The proposed work presents the comparative numerical study between Finite element method (FEM) and Haar wavelet collocation method (HWCM) for the solutions of typical Non-linear ordinary differential equations. More accurate solutions are computed by wavelet decomposition in the form of a multi-resolution analysis (MRA). The rich property of HWCM over FEM is in terms of numerical accuracy is proved and is justified through the illustrative examples. The use of the HWCM is found to be accurate, simple, fast, flexible, and convenient and has less computational cost by increasing the level of resolution.