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Table of Content for Vol. 13 No. 2, 2015

Exact Solutions of the Space-Time Fractional Symmetric Regularized Long Wave (SRLW) Equation
Muhammad Shakeel and Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din
 PP. 101 - 121
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ABSTRACT: In this work, we use the fractional complex transformation which converts nonlinear fractional partial differential equation to nonlinear ordinary differential equation. A fractional novel G´/G-expansion method is used to look for exact solutions of nonlinear evolution equation with the aid of symbolic computation. To check the validity of the method we choose the space-time fractional symmetric regularized long wave (SRLW) equation and as a result, many exact analytical solutions are obtained including hyperbolic function solutions, trigonometric function solutions, and rational solutions. The performance of the method is reliable, useful and gives more new general exact solutions than the existing methods.

Inventory Model with Stock – Level Dependent Demand Rate and Shortages under Trade Credits
 PP. 122 - 136
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ABSTRACT: This paper presents an inventory model with stock level dependent demand rate and shortages under trade credits. We show that the total average cost per unit time is a convex function of time T1, the time when inventory level comes to zero and T, the length of the replenishment cycle. Truncated Taylor’s series expansion is presented to determine the optimal solutions. With the help of optimal solutions some properties have been discussed. The results are discussed with the help of numerical examples to validate the proposed model. Sensitivity analysis with respect to the parameters of the system of the optimal solution with respect to the parameters of the system is presented to illustrate the theoretical results. Mathematica 5.1 software is used for finding numerical results.

On Fractional Integration of Certain Products of Special Functions
V.B.L. Chaurasia and Vinod Gill
 PP. 137 - 151
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ABSTRACT: The object of this paper is to establish an Eulerian integral and a main theorem based upon the fractional operator associated with H-function of several complex variables and multivariable I-function which provide unification and extension of numerous results in the theory of fractional calculus and hitherto lying scattered in the literature. Certain interesting special cases have also been discussed.

On the Fibonacci-like Sequences of Higher Order
Deepika Jhala, G.P.S. Rathore, Kiran Sisodiya
 PP. 152 - 159
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ABSTRACT: In this paper, we define Fibonacci-like sequences of higher order and derived explicit formulas for solving Fibonacci-like sequences of higher order. Formulas were validated for any value of n using induction.

Decision Making in Agriculture: A Linear Programming Approach
N. A. Sofi, Aquil Ahmed, Mudasir Ahmad and Bilal Ahmad Bhat
 PP. 160 - 169
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ABSTRACT: Linear programming (LP) technique is relevant in optimization of resource allocation and achieving efficiency in production planning particularly in achieving increased agriculture production of food crops (Rice, Maize, wheat, Pulses and other crops) . In this paper a Linear programming technique is applied to determine the optimum land allocation of 5 food crops by using agriculture data, with respect to various factors viz. Daily wages of labour and machine charges for the period 2004-2011. The proposed LP model is solved by standard simplex algorithm. It is observed that the proposed LP model is appropriate for finding the optimal land allocation to the major food crops.

A Note on Bayesian Estimation of Inverse Weibull Distribution under LINEX and Quadratic Loss Functions
Sofi Mudasir, Afaq Ahmed and S.P Ahmad
 PP. 170 - 177
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ABSTRACT: In this paper, the Bayes estimators of the scale parameter of inverse Weibull family of distributions have been derived by Quasi non-informative as well as conjugate priors under different scale-invariant loss functions, namely, LINEX loss function and Quadratic loss function. The risk functions of these estimators have been studied.

Inequalities Concerning Composite Polynomials
Abdul Liman and Irfan Ahmed Faiq
 PP. 178 - 186
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ABSTRACT: In this paper we consider a more general class of polynomials P(R(z)) of degree mr, where R(z) is a polynomial of degree at most r and prove number of inequalities concerning polynomials in the complex domain.

Multivariate Calibration Estimation for Domain in Stratified Random Sampling
Etebong P. Clement and Ekaette I. Enang
 PP. 187 - 197
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ABSTRACT: In sample surveys that incorporate auxiliary information, the precision of the survey estimates is always improved when multiple auxiliary information are available. Calibration is used in survey sampling to include auxiliary information. In the presence of powerful auxiliary variables, the calibration estimation meets the objective of reducing both the non-response bias and the sampling error. In this paper, multivariate calibration estimator for domain totals in stratified random sampling design is proposed using multiple auxiliary variables. Analytical approach for obtaining optimum calibration weights is developed. The efficiency gain of the proposed calibration based approach estimator vis-à-vis conventional estimators is studied through simulation.