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Table of Content for Vol. 12 No. 2, 2014

Topological Solutions for Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation Which in the Dimensionless Form
A. Neirameh
 PP. 55 - 63
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ABSTRACT: In this paper with the aid of the symbolic computation we explore bright soliton type solutions of the NLSE by using the homogeneous balance method. The study of topological soliton type solutions are occurred in the nonlinear Schrodinger equations. The efficiency of the suggested method can be shown also by construction of exact solutions to nonlinear reaction-diffusion systems of partial differential equations.

Solving Multi-Parameter Eigenvalue Problem Using Osculator Interpolation Method
Luma. N. M. Tawfiq & Doaa. R. Abod
 PP. 64 - 73
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ABSTRACT: This paper is concerned with Osculator interpolation polynomial to solve multi - parameter eigenvalue problems for ordinary differential equations. The method finds the multi - parameter eigenvalues and the corresponding nonzero eigenvector can be decoupled using new technique which represent the solution of the problem in a certain domain. Illustration examples is presented, which confirm the theoretical predictions with a comparison between suggested technique and other methods.

Some New Sequence Spaces Derived from the Spaces of Bounded, Convergent and Null Sequences
Murat Candan
 PP. 74 - 87
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ABSTRACT: In this article, we introduce the new paranormed sequence spaces Z(p,Aλ)   consisting of all sequences whose generalized weighted mean Aλ transforms are in the linear space Z(p), where Z(p) was defined by Maddox [Quart. J. Math. Oxford (2), 18(1967), 345–355] and denotes one of the classical sequence spaces ℓ∞, c  or c0. Meanwhile, we have also presented the Schauder basis of Z0(pAλ) and Z(pAλ)  and computed its β- and γ-duals. In addition to this, the fact that sequence space {c0}Aλ has AD property is shown and then the f-dual of the space {c0}Aλ  presented. In conclusion, we characterize the classes of matrix mappings from the sequence spaces Z(pAλ) to the sequence space μ and from the sequence space μ to the sequence spaces Z(pAλ) .