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Construction of an Electrically-Operated Egg Incubator
Umar A. B., Lawal K., Mukhtar M. and M. S. Adamu
 PP. 1 - 18
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ABSTRACT: The modem hatchery is an example of scientific solution used to solve a biological problem. An incubator is an apparatus, which simulates the broody bird by means of temperature, humidity and ventilation regulation, as well as turning of egg for embryo development into chick. An electrically operated incubator with the capacity of 60 eggs was constructed and tested. It was constructed using locally available materials and it is a still air incubator. Also when tested the temperature was between the range of 37??C-38??C, the relative humidity was also 55%-60% and turning of egg was done 3 times daily; however the egg did not hatch due to unavailability of a stable power supply. Thus, the power supply to the incubator can be improved using an alternative source of power supply.