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Comparison Study on Electrochemical Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide by GCE Modified With Gold, Palladium and Palladium-Gold Nano Particles
Belay Gezahegn Gebreyes,Tesfaye Refera Soreta and Shimeles Addisu Kitte
 PP. 1 - 17
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ABSTRACT: Using electrochemical modified electrodes have been proved to be an inexpensive and sensitive method for analysis of wide range of analytes. In this study, a sensitive sensor for the determination of hydrogen peroxide was fabricated based on glassy carbon electrode modified with Pd-Au co-deposite nanoparticles. The modified electrode showed enhanced response to hydrogen peroxide as compared to Pd nanoparticles, Au nanoparticles modified and bare glassy carbon electrodes. Among eleven mixed Pd:Au mole ratio studied (0:1), (0.1:0.9), (0.2:0.8), (0.3:0.7), (0.4:0.6), (0.5:0.5), (0.6:0.4), (0.7:0.3 ), (0.8:0.2), (0.9:0.1) (1:0); the 0.8:0.2 showed the highest response for signal for electro reduction of H2O2. The optimization of the experimental conditions such as deposition potential and deposition time, pH for electroanalysis of H2O2 and reduction potential for H2O2 at modified electrodes for amperometric determination was studied. The selected co-deposit demonstrated a large dynamic concentration range (5 ??? 170 ?? 10-6mol/L) with a limit of detection of 3.8 ?? 10-7 mol/L under the optimized conditions. The fabricated nanoparticles were applied for analysis of H2O2 in mouth wash. The selected Pd-Au co-deposite was able to detect low concentration of hydrogen peroxide that was not possible to detect by Pd nanoparticles and Au nanoparticles modified glassy carbon electrode.