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Production and Characterization of Biogas from Domestic Waste by Anaerobic Digestion
Muhibbu-din E.I, Adebayo G. B, and Odedele O. S
 PP. 1 - 9
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ABSTRACT: Domestic waste can be used to produce biogas due to its high biodegradability and calorific value, which will reduce reliance on fossil fuels. The physicochemical analysis of the domestic waste was determined. The biogas was collected with the aid of compressor into a tube for characterization using a Gas Chromatography with Headspace. The result of the physicochemical analysis of the domestic waste includes; % Moisture (59.2%), % TS (40.8%), % VS (77.3%) and % C (42.9%). The characterization of biogas reveal that it contains CH4 (63%), CO2 (31%), H2S (1%) with a calorific value of 24.10 MJ/ m3.