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Investigation on the Production of Carotenoid from Molasses by Phaffia rhodozyma
Fang Liu, Ming-Jun Zhu
 PP. 1 - 13
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ABSTRACT: This study investigated the sugarcane molasses as a carbon source and other important conditions for cell growth and carotenoid production of yeast Phaffia rhodozyma. Different molasses concentrations had a significant effect on the growth of Phaffia rhodozyma, and the dry cell weight reached 12.35 g/L, with the initial sugar concentration of 50 g/L. The higher initial sugar concentration was not beneficial to carotenoid accumulation, and 30 g/L of initial sugar concentration was determined as optimum initial sugar concentration for carotenoid accumulation with 10.71 g/L biomass. The effects of nitrogen source, C/N ratios and initial pH on the cell growth and carotenoid accumulation were also investigated, and yeast extract as nitrogen source, carbon to nitrogen ratio of 8, and initial pH of 5 were determined. Furthermore, the volume of medium had a significant effect on cell growth and carotenoid production and the medium volume of 25 mL in Erlenmeyer flasks (250 mL) was optimal with 11.81 g/L dry cell weight, and the production of carotenoid was about 32-fold that of the minimum one. The present study suggests that sugarcane molasses is a suitable carbon source for natural carotenoid production by Phaffia rhodozyma.